My work is my passion and a positive drive for every day. It makes me grow with every new challenge and achieve new goals.


Olga Pursches was born and raised in Moscow. From a very young age,she began to practice ballet at a ballet school and then took lessons in playing the piano and vocals in a music school. Olga's father, an amateur artist, discovered his daughter's ability to draw and began to study with her, explaining the laws of light and shadow, perspective and the golden ratio.Then she enters Repin Art School and studies drawing, painting, sculpture, composition and art history for five years. After graduating from high school, she goes to study as a fashion designer and enters the College of Fashion. After successfully completing her studies, she rejects a job offer at the famous Moscow Fashion House, takes young and creative tailors into the team, and opens her own company for the design and manufacture of stage costumes. Her clients were opera singers, ballet dancers, circus artists, Pop and Rock performers. Later, she moved to Switzerland and, in collaboration with the Agency of Arttists, took part in various international fashion, dance and stage projects for a long time.Then Olga moves to Germany and returns to painting. She has been attending three years of workshops for drawing and sketching by graphic artist Gabor Pesthy as well as workshops for oil painting. Already at workshops, she is very interested in portraiture and soon she begins to draw the first portraits to order. Currently,Olga Pursches works as professional artist. Her works can be seen and purchased in galleries, at exhibition and online galleries, as well as order paintings or portraits individually


A game with black and white contrasts makes the presence of color redundant, perfection and elegance, great attention is paid to drawing details, fantastic transfer of structures - these are reviews of customers, gallery owners and collectors about the artist's work.


SWISS ART EXPO 2020 ARTBOX PROJECT SBB Event Hall Zurich Switzerland
Group Exhibition: 
Nominated for DA! Art-Award 2020 Exhibition at the City Museum Dusseldorf Germany
May - July 
"We could do a lot if we stood together" and "New Members" 
Artist House Gallery Boeblingen Germany

Group Exhibition:
September - October
District Office Boeblingen Germany 
September - October
"Fairytale autumn" Artist House Gallery Boeblingen Germany

Collections: in private collections in Germany, Russia, Switzerland

Member of the W├╝rttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart Germany
Member of the Boeblinger Kunstverein Germany